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Richard Fosten

Meet Richard Fosten, a graduate from Tri-Cities High School in Eastpoint Atlanta with Scholars.  He attended 2 years at the University of Tennessee where he will be continuing his degree in Psychology.  Richard is the balance in the classroom this year being that he will bringing that strong male quality and character we need as an example to our everyday world.  His energetic style will motivate, propel and inspire all the students.  Richard has a passion for Science, the Arts and mindfulness matters (duh his major is psych)!  Richard is a great asset to our team and classroom.

Ms. Tanya Bell

Meet the Infamous Educator of ALL times. Tanya Bell is no stranger to education or educating children, youth and adults.  She is knowledgeable in Every Subject because of her expertise in reading and her strong intellectual ability to comprehend what she reads.  She is a Scholar in all Areas and will not do anything less than challenge your student to their FULL potential of academics and character.  She does not only teach education, she educates students with the way of character with her "ole school rules" which are missing in todays society.  

Tanya has many testimonies of children young learning to read and being promoted to the next level because of her teaching style in the classroom!  She is Mother of 2, Grandmother of 11 and Great Grandmother of 4, and she brings all that MAMA into the classroom being the reason why Everyone calls her Mama!

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